Open Studio is our concept for free range art exploration! You can choose an activity from our Art Menu and explore that medium independently.

Included in your studio day:


Step 1: Sign up for your Open Studio Activity below.

Step 2: Text or Call 813-694-9481 to set up your appointment.

Step 3: Show up for your appointment date! 
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open studio activities

Studio Pass

21 Per Person

Our studio pass calls for independent art exploration, where you have the freedom to bring your own stuff and get a place to work.

Watercolor Art

25 Per Person

Explore the world of watercolor painting and dive into the serene and fluid medium of watercolors as you create your own masterpiece.

Cut and Collage

25 Per Person

Dive into a treasure trove of materials, from magazines and fabrics to found objects, and craft unique, layered compositions that tell your own visual story.

Explore Acrylic Painting

25 Per Person

Experiment with a vibrant palette and try new techniques while you let your imagination flow.

Paint Some Pottery

25 Per Person

Dive into the world of ceramics and handpick your favorite pottery piece to transform into a unique work of art. This session empowers you to paint, decorate, and personalize your pottery at your own pace.

Hand Building with Clay

30 Per Person

Take a few hours to explore this hands-on journey into the world of clay, where you'll explore the limitless possibilities of this versatile medium.

*This activity is two sessions - your second session is not included in the price*